The Straitjacket Floats

Image is everything today. And image begins with fashion. Few items in today's wardrobe are as fashionable and as versatile as the straitjacket. Suitable for home or office, for work or play, the straitjacket is not just for bedtime anymore. Join our models on a carefree tour of the exciting world of straitjacket fashion. Don't forget to tighten your straps.

The World of Fashion

Major Fashion Houses

The Jim Stewart Collection

The Max Cita Collection


    Humane Restraint

    Real Straitjackets

    Mighells Illusions - the Straitjacket Factory

    Monkey Dungeon

    No Escape

      Collector's Corner

        The World of Entertainment

      • Jason Zodiak Straitjacket by Tuck John Porter
      • Frasier TV Show - Autographed Straitjacket
      • Ozzy Osbourne Autographed Posey Straitjacket
      • Jack's Straitjacket - From the Outerlimits TV show.
      • The Green Mile Straitjacket. Wild Bill's Favorite!
      • Rolling Stones Promotional Straitjacket
      • Marilyn Manson Promotion Straitjacket
      • Gary Sinise's Autographed Straitjacket
      • Channel 3 Straitjacket from final CBGB Performance
      • William Larsen's Straitjacket

      • Just for Fun

      • Strait from the Asylum -The Cell Straitjacket
      • Strait from the Asylum -Straitjacket Jacket
      • Str8Jax Custom Made Straitjacket
      • Unknown Leather Trimmed Canvas Straitjacket
      • Brown Canvas Leather Trimmed Straitjacket
      • Lord Tiernan
      • Kub Straitjacket
          • Medical Jackets

          • Unknown Canvas Straitjacket with a Midarm Tie
          • Unknown Straitjacket with Multiple Ties
          • Unknown Straitjacket with Many Straps
          • Continuous Sleeved Straitjacket from Holland
          • Menger Straitjacket with Ties
          • Maybeck Back Tied Straitjacket
          • Melrose Straitjacket
          • Purple Children's Straitjacket
          • Long Sleeved Front Buckled Straitjacket
          • Straitjacket with Tied Back and Buckled Sleeves
          • Unknown Front Tied Jacket
          • Dandux Straitjacket
          • Lite Industries, Inc. Straitjacket
          • Old Lace Up Straitjacket

              Prison and Law Enforcement Jackets

            • Sheriff's Straitjacket
            • Canadian Long Jacket
            • German Military WW2
            • Her Majesty's Prison Straitjacket for Men
            • Her Majesty's Prison Straitjacket for Women

              • Straitjacket Guides and Stories